Scenario 4: Performing the “Start Here Tasks” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial, administrators are provided with a recommended workflow called “Start here tasks.” You can use these tasks to start your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 integration.

Start here tasks

In this section of the tour, you will:

  • Add and edit user accounts

  • Assign Microsoft Dynamics CRM security roles

  • View the Setup Overview page

  • Review the SharePoint Home page for users

When you create a trial subscription, Microsoft Online Services creates a domain prepended with – for example, If you followed the guidance in the Microsoft Office 365 Trial Guide and added your own custom domain – for example, – you can add Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to your Microsoft Online Services domain or to your custom domain. This document assumes you will be using your custom domain for email and user access to online data.

Task 1: Add users

If you have not already done so, create users according to the Microsoft Office 365 Trial Guide. In Scenario 2, see “Task 1: Adding Users to the Trial” and follow the steps to create a global administrator account and several user accounts.

New User

Be sure to specify your custom domain for the User name (after the @ on the New user page).

Each time you create a user account, you will need to assign the user a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online license.

Add a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online license to a user

  1. On your Office 365 Admin Overview page, under Management, click Users.

  2. In the list of users, click on a user with global administrator permissions.

  3. Click Licenses, and then select Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  4. Click Learn more to read the note regarding CRM Security Roles, and then click Save.

Assign licenses

Task 2: Assign Microsoft Dynamics CRM security roles

For each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online user, you need to assign the user a security role.

Assign a security role to a user

  1. At the top of your Office 365 Admin Overview page, click CRM to launch Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  2. In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Administration, and then click Users.

  3. In the list, select the user to whom you want to assign a security role.

  4. On the Actions menu, click Manage Roles. Only the security roles available for that user's business unit are displayed.

  5. In the Manage User Roles dialog box, select the security role or roles you want, and click OK.

Manage user roles

Task 3: View the Setup Overview page

The Setup Overview page has useful information and links to features including Single sign-on, Active Directory synchronization, mailbox migration and service configuration. Because you added a Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscription, information pertaining to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is presented as well.

  1. On the Admin Overview page, under Setup, click the Overview menu option.

  2. Scroll down to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM content.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup Overview

  3. After reviewing this page and the linked content, click Admin at the top of the screen to return to the main administration page.

Task 4: Review the Home page

When Administrators log on to their trial account, they see the main administrator page. Regular users (that is, users who are not assigned an administrator role) are shown the Home page instead of the Admin Overview page.

  1. Under the Start here tasks, in step 6, click Home.

    Office 365 CRM Start here tasks

    This will take you to the Home page regular users will see when they log in to Office 365.

    Note the following Microsoft Dynamics CRM links on this page:

    • Under Dynamics CRMGo to Dynamics CRM Workplace. This link takes users to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization.

    • Under ResourcesResource Center for Dynamics CRM. This link takes users to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center page containing lots of information for getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

    • Under ResourcesDownloads. Scroll down for a link to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook.

    Start here Home page

Later, in Scenario 7, we will cover using Office 365 SharePoint Online to configure the Team site for document management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.