How field security affects synchronization between CRM and CRM for Outlook


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Securing a field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with field level security can impact synchronization between CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. Consider the following scenario.


We do not recommend securing a field in CRM when the field is set to sync. Best practice is to NOT secure any sync fields. If you do decide to secure sync fields, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Secure the field using field level security. More information: see “Set field level security” below.

  2. Change the sync direction so that sync does not attempt to update or write the field during synchronization. More information: Control field synchronization between CRM and Outlook or Exchange

Scenario: Restrict users from changing Job Title

The Contoso company wants to promote consistent data entry. While sales personnel are out in the field, it’s easy for them to create different data entries to describe the same thing. For example, the same job title could be entered as “Construction Manager”, “Foreman”, or “Site Manager”. To prevent this, the Job Title field is secured. This has consequences for synchronization.

Set field level security

John, the CRM admin for Contoso, sets security on several fields.

Job Title field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


He did the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations.

  2. Choose Customize the System.

  3. Expand Entities > Contact.

  4. Choose Fields and select jobtitle. There are a lot of Contact fields so you’ll need to advance several pages.

  5. Choose Edit.

  6. For Field Security, choose Enable > Save and Close.

  7. Choose Publish All Customizations.

John also secured the following Contact fields so they won’t appear in CRM: ftpsiteurl, governmentid

Create and configure a field security profile

John creates a field security profile and assigns sales team members to the profile.

Field Security Profile in Dynamics CRM


He did the following to create the field security profile:

  1. Go to Settings > Security.

  2. Choose Field Security Profiles.

  3. Create a profile. Choose New and enter a Name.

  4. Choose Save and Close.

  5. Choose the new profile > Users > Add

  6. Select users and then choose Select > Add.

Set field permissions

With a field security profile created and users added to the profile, John can now set permissions on the fields to match his organization’s requirements.

Edit Field Security form in Dynamics CRM


  1. Go to Settings > Security.

  2. Choose Field Security Profiles > your profile.

  3. Choose Field Permissions > the field to secure > Edit

  4. Change the security settings to match your company’s requirements and then choose OK > Save and Close.

What the user sees

Nancy, a salesperson at Contoso, uses Dynamics CRM for Outlook and creates a new contact and tracks it in CRM.

Contact Rene Valdes form in Dynamics CRM


When Nancy synchronizes with CRM, she notices that the Job Title field is gone from the contact. This is because Nancy doesn’t have update rights for the Job Title field.

Rene contact with no Job Title in Dynamics CRM


Nancy’s manager, with update rights to the Job Title field, fills in the field with the correct job title: Construction Manager.

Nancy synchronizes again with CRM and now the Job Title field is in the contact with the correct title.

Contact with Job Title form in Dynamics CRM


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