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Microsoft.Xrm.Client.Windows.Controls.ConnectionDialog Namespace


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass AuthenticationPage

Wizard page for determining how to authenticate to CRM.

System_CAPS_pubclass ConnectionData

Backing model for authenticating to CRM.

System_CAPS_pubclass ConnectionDialog

ViewModel for authenticating to CRM.

System_CAPS_pubclass ConnectionLauncher

Starts the wizard page for Microsoft Dynamics CRM authentication.

System_CAPS_pubclass ConnectionReturnEventArgs

Represents the wrapper around the event arguments from the Return event on the wizard page.

System_CAPS_pubclass EnumToStringUsingDescription

Utility to convert an enum value into a description of what it is. Used with AuthenticationTypeCode.

System_CAPS_pubclass ErrorPage

Wizard page for generic error display.

System_CAPS_pubclass ObservableObject

Interface wrapper superclass for objects that have properties that can be observed, that is, they raise events when their properties are changed. Superclass of ConnectionData.

System_CAPS_pubclass OrganizationPage

Wizard page for selecting the organization that the portal website should connect to. Used for when more than one organization is found via discovery service.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProgressDialog

Generic wizard page for showing the progress of an operation, with percentage.


Delegate Description
System_CAPS_pubdelegate ConnectionReturnEventHandler

Event callback type for the Return event on the wizard page.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum AuthenticationTypeCode

Contains values for the the type of authentication used. (Developer Extensions)

System_CAPS_pubenum ConnectionResult

Contains values that describe a connection to an instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (Developer Extensions)

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