Set custom icon for custom case origin


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can set a custom icon to display in views where the Case Origin field is visible.

Case origin field icons

The case origin field has the following options and a corresponding icon is displayed in views within the application:






Case origin icon for phone



Case origin button for email



Case origin icon for web



Facebook Case origin icon



Case origin icon for Twitter

You can edit the case origin field to add additional options. The options used by this field are defined within the Case Origin global option set. More information:  Create and edit global option sets

When you add a custom option, by default this icon will be displayed: Case origin icon for a custom origin. You can specify a different icon by creating an image web resource using the steps below:

Set a custom icon for a custom case origin

  1. If the customization prefix for the solution publisher associated with the unmanaged solution you are working in is not ‘new’ you must change the solution publisher customization prefix to ‘new’ temporarily while you create this image web resource. After you create this web resource, set it back to whatever value you want to use. More information:  Solution publisher.

  2. Create a 16x16 pixel icon to represent your custom case origin. A PNG file with a transparent background is recommended.

  3. Identify the value for the custom option for the Case Origin global option set. By default, the first custom option value will be set to 100,000,000 and will increment for each additional option.

  4. Create a PNG format image web resource using the following naming convention: ‘new_Incident_origincode_icon*#*.png’ where # represents the value for the custom option.

    More information:  Create and edit web resources

    For example, for a custom option with a value of 100,000,000 create a web resource with the name new_Incident_origincode_icon100000000.png.


    Do not include commas in the name of the web resource.
    The solution publisher customization prefix is prepended to the name of the web resource and this value must be ‘new’.

    Use the Upload File button in the web resource form to upload the icon file you created.

  5. Save and publish your web resource.

  6. To verify, create a case record using the custom case origin and verify that a view that displays the case origin icon shows your custom icon.

    There may be a several minutes delay after you publish your custom web resource. You may need to press F5 to refresh the page in your browser.

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