Set up OneNote integration in Dynamics 365


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics CRM Online

Gather your thoughts, ideas, plans and research in one single place with OneNote in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When you turn on Microsoft OneNote integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), you have the benefits of using OneNote to take or review customer notes from within your Dynamics 365 records.

You can configure OneNote in Dynamics 365 (online) when you’re also using SharePoint Online. You must have a subscription to Office 365 to use OneNote in Dynamics 365 (online).

Step 1: Turn on server-based SharePoint integration

Before you can enable OneNote integration, you need to turn on server-based SharePoint integration.

Make sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Or, make sure that you have Read and Write privileges on all record types that are customizable.

Check your security role

  • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

  • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

Enable SharePoint Integration

Step 2: Turn on OneNote integration

When server-based SharePoint integration is turned on, OneNote integration is listed in Document Management.

  1. Go to Settings > Document Management.

  2. Choose OneNote Integration.

    Choose OneNote Integration

  3. Follow the instructions in the wizard to turn on OneNote integration for selected entities. Choose entities that need a full notebook per record. Only entities that are already enabled for document management are listed. Choose Finish.

    Follow instructions in wizard

  4. You can also enable OneNote integration for an entity from the customization form, as long as document management has been enabled for that entity.

    Select OneNote integration for an entity

  5. A OneNote notebook is automatically created for a record the first time you select the OneNote tab in the activities area in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online). Once the dedicated OneNote notebook is created for that Dynamics 365 record, you can view and navigate to that notebook from any Dynamics 365 client.

    Select OneNote

To turn off OneNote integration

  1. Go to Settings > Document Management.

  2. Choose OneNote Integration.

    Choose OneNote Integration

  3. In the OneNote Integration Setting dialog box, uncheck all the entities and then choose Finish.

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