Web API EntityType Reference


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

An EntityType represents an entity type in the OData v4 entity model.

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account EntityType


Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.

actioncard EntityType

Action Card

Action card entity to show action cards.

actioncarduserstate EntityType


activitymimeattachment EntityType


MIME attachment for an activity.

activityparty EntityType

Activity Party

Person or group associated with an activity. An activity can have multiple activity parties.

activitypointer EntityType


Task performed, or to be performed, by a user. An activity is any action for which an entry can be made on a calendar.

annotation EntityType


Note that is attached to one or more objects, including other notes.

annualfiscalcalendar EntityType

Annual Fiscal Calendar

Year long fiscal calendar of an organization. A span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.

appmoduleroles EntityType

App Module Roles

To provide specific CRM UI context .For internal use only

appointment EntityType


Commitment representing a time interval with start/end times and duration.

asyncoperation EntityType

System Job

Process whose execution can proceed independently or in the background.

attachment EntityType


Attachment for an email activity.

bookableresource EntityType

Bookable Resource

Resource that has capacity which can be allocated to work.

bookableresourcebooking EntityType

Bookable Resource Booking

Represents the line details of a resource booking.

bookableresourcebookingheader EntityType

Bookable Resource Booking Header

Reservation entity representing the summary of the associated resource bookings.

bookableresourcecategory EntityType

Bookable Resource Category

Categorize resources that have capacity into categories such as roles.

bookableresourcecategoryassn EntityType

Bookable Resource Category Assn

Association entity to model the categorization of resources.

bookableresourcecharacteristic EntityType

Bookable Resource Characteristic

Associates resources with their characteristics and specifies the proficiency level of a resource for that characteristic.

bookableresourcegroup EntityType

Bookable Resource Group

Associates resources with resource groups that they are a member of.

bookingstatus EntityType

Booking Status

Allows creation of multiple sub statuses mapped to a booking status option.

bulkdeletefailure EntityType

Bulk Delete Failure

Record that was not deleted during a bulk deletion job.

bulkdeleteoperation EntityType

Bulk Delete Operation

User-submitted bulk deletion job.

bulkoperation EntityType

Quick Campaign

System operation used to perform lengthy and asynchronous operations on large data sets, such as distributing a campaign activity or quick campaign.

bulkoperationlog EntityType

Bulk Operation Log

Log used to track bulk operation execution, successes, and failures.

businessunit EntityType

Business Unit

Business, division, or department in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.

businessunitnewsarticle EntityType


Announcement associated with an organization.

calendar EntityType


Calendar used by the scheduling system to define when an appointment or activity is to occur.

calendarrule EntityType

Calendar Rule

Defines free/busy times for a service and for resources or resource groups, such as working, non-working, vacation, and blocked.

campaign EntityType


Container for campaign activities and responses, sales literature, products, and lists to create, plan, execute, and track the results of a specific marketing campaign through its life.

campaignactivity EntityType

Campaign Activity

Task performed, or to be performed, by a user for planning or running a campaign.

campaignactivityitem EntityType

Campaign Activity Item

Work item of a campaign activity, such as a list or sales literature.

campaignitem EntityType

Campaign Item

Work item in a campaign, a list or sales literature.

campaignresponse EntityType

Campaign Response

Response from an existing or a potential new customer for a campaign.

category EntityType


Entity for categorizing records to make it easier for your customers to find them on portals and through search.

characteristic EntityType


Skills, education and certifications of resources.

competitor EntityType


Business competing for the sale represented by a lead or opportunity.

competitoraddress EntityType

Competitor Address

Additional addresses for a competitor. The first two addresses are stored in the competitor object.

complexcontrol EntityType

Process Configuration

For internal use only.

connection EntityType


Relationship between two entities.

connectionrole EntityType

Connection Role

Role describing a relationship between a two records.

constraintbasedgroup EntityType

Resource Group

Group or collection of people, equipment, and/or facilities that can be scheduled.

contact EntityType


Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.

contract EntityType


Agreement to provide customer service during a specified amount of time or number of cases.

contractdetail EntityType

Contract Line

Line item in a contract that specifies the type of service a customer is entitled to.

contracttemplate EntityType

Contract Template

Template for a contract containing the standard attributes of a contract.

crmbaseentity EntityType

customcontrol EntityType

Custom Control

For internal use only.

customcontroldefaultconfig EntityType

Custom Control Default Config

For internal use only.

customcontrolresource EntityType

Custom Control Resource

Custom Control Resource Id

customeraddress EntityType


Address and shipping information. Used to store additional addresses for an account or contact.

dataperformance EntityType

Data Performance Dashboard

Data Performance Dashboard.

dependency EntityType


A component dependency in CRM.

discount EntityType


Price reduction made from the list price of a product or service based on the quantity purchased.

discounttype EntityType

Discount List

Type of discount specified as either a percentage or an amount.

documenttemplate EntityType

Document Template

Used to store Document Templates in database in binary format.

duplicaterecord EntityType

Duplicate Record

Potential duplicate record.

duplicaterule EntityType

Duplicate Detection Rule

Rule used to identify potential duplicates.

duplicaterulecondition EntityType

Duplicate Rule Condition

Condition of a duplicate detection rule.

dynamicproperty EntityType


Information about a product property.

dynamicpropertyassociation EntityType

Property Association

Association of a property definition with another entity in the system.

dynamicpropertyinstance EntityType

Property Instance

Instance of a property with its value.

dynamicpropertyoptionsetitem EntityType

Property Option Set Item

Item with a name and value in a property option set type.

email EntityType


Activity that is delivered using email protocols.

emailserverprofile EntityType

Email Server Profile

Holds the Email Server Profiles of an organization

entitlement EntityType


Defines the amount and type of support a customer should receive.

entitlementchannel EntityType

Entitlement Channel

Defines the amount and type of support for a channel.

entitlementtemplate EntityType

Entitlement Template

Contains predefined customer support terms that can be used to created entitlements for customers.

entitlementtemplatechannel EntityType

Entitlement Template Channel

Contains predefined support terms for a channel to create entitlements for customers.

equipment EntityType


Resource that can be scheduled.

exchangesyncidmapping EntityType

Exchange Sync Id Mapping

The mapping used to keep track of the IDs for items synced between CRM and Exchange.

expiredprocess EntityType

Expired Process

Expired Process Business Process Flow

fax EntityType


Activity that tracks call outcome and number of pages for a fax and optionally stores an electronic copy of the document.

feedback EntityType


Container for feedback and ratings for knowledge articles.

fieldpermission EntityType

Field Permission

Group of privileges used to categorize users to provide appropriate access to secured columns.

fieldsecurityprofile EntityType

Field Security Profile

Profile which defines access level for secured attributes

fixedmonthlyfiscalcalendar EntityType

Fixed Monthly Fiscal Calendar

Fixed monthly fiscal calendar of an organization. A span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.

goal EntityType


Target objective for a user or a team for a specified time period.

goalrollupquery EntityType

Rollup Query

Query that is used to filter the results of the goal rollup.

import EntityType

Data Import

Status and ownership information for an import job.

importdata EntityType

Import Data

Unprocessed data from imported files.

importentitymapping EntityType

Import Entity Mapping

Mapping for entities in a data map.

importfile EntityType

Import Source File

File name of file used for import.

importjob EntityType

Import Job

For internal use only.

importlog EntityType

Import Log

Failure reason and other detailed information for a record that failed to import.

importmap EntityType

Data Map

Data map used in import.

incident EntityType


Service request case associated with a contract.

incidentresolution EntityType

Case Resolution

Special type of activity that includes description of the resolution, billing status, and the duration of the case.

interactionforemail EntityType

Interaction for Email

invaliddependency EntityType

Invalid Dependency

An invalid dependency in the CRM system.

invoice EntityType


Order that has been billed.

invoicedetail EntityType

Invoice Product

Line item in an invoice containing detailed billing information for a product.

kbarticle EntityType


Structured content that is part of the knowledge base.

kbarticlecomment EntityType

Article Comment

Comment on a knowledge base article.

kbarticletemplate EntityType

Article Template

Template for a knowledge base article that contains the standard attributes of an article.

knowledgearticle EntityType

Knowledge Article

Organizational knowledge for internal and external use.

knowledgearticleincident EntityType

Knowledge Article Incident

Association between an knowledge article and incident.

knowledgearticleviews EntityType

Knowledge Article Views

No of times an article is viewed per day

knowledgebaserecord EntityType

Knowledge Base Record

Metadata of knowledge base (KB) articles associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities.

languagelocale EntityType



lead EntityType


Prospect or potential sales opportunity. Leads are converted into accounts, contacts, or opportunities when they are qualified. Otherwise, they are deleted or archived.

leadaddress EntityType

Lead Address

Address information for a lead.

leadtoopportunitysalesprocess EntityType

Lead To Opportunity Sales Process

Lead To Opportunity Sales Process Business Process Flow

letter EntityType


Activity that tracks the delivery of a letter. The activity can contain the electronic copy of the letter.

list EntityType

Marketing List

Group of existing or potential customers created for a marketing campaign or other sales purposes.

listmember EntityType

Marketing List Member

Item in a marketing list.

mailbox EntityType


mailmergetemplate EntityType

Mail Merge Template

Template for a mail merge document that contains the standard attributes of that document.

metric EntityType

Goal Metric

Type of measurement for a goal, such as money amount or count.

mobileofflineprofile EntityType

Mobile Offline Profile

Information to administer and manage the data available to mobile devices in offline mode.

mobileofflineprofileitem EntityType

Mobile Offline Profile Item

Information on entity availability to mobile devices in offline mode for a mobile offline profile item.

mobileofflineprofileitemassociation EntityType

Mobile Offline Profile Item Association

Information on relationships to be used to follow related entity's records for mobile offline profile item.

monthlyfiscalcalendar EntityType

Monthly Fiscal Calendar

Monthly fiscal calendar of an organization. A span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.

newprocess EntityType

New Process

New Process Business Process Flow

officegraphdocument EntityType

Office Graph Document

Office Graph Documents Description

opportunity EntityType


Potential revenue-generating event, or sale to an account, which needs to be tracked through a sales process to completion.

opportunityclose EntityType

Opportunity Close

Activity that is created automatically when an opportunity is closed, containing information such as the description of the closing and actual revenue.

opportunityproduct EntityType

Opportunity Product

Association between an opportunity and a product.

opportunitysalesprocess EntityType

Opportunity Sales Process

Opportunity Sales Process Business Process Flow

orderclose EntityType

Order Close

Activity generated automatically when an order is closed.

organization EntityType


Top level of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business hierarchy. The organization can be a specific business, holding company, or corporation.

personaldocumenttemplate EntityType

Personal Document Template

Used to store Personal Document Templates in database in binary format.

phonecall EntityType

Phone Call

Activity to track a telephone call.

phonetocaseprocess EntityType

Phone To Case Process

Phone To Case Process Business Process Flow

pluginassembly EntityType

Plug-in Assembly

Assembly that contains one or more plug-in types.

plugintracelog EntityType

Plug-in Trace Log

Trace and exception information generated by plug-ins and custom workflow activities.

plugintype EntityType

Plug-in Type

Type that inherits from the IPlugin interface and is contained within a plug-in assembly.

position EntityType


Position of a user in the hierarchy

post EntityType


An activity feed post.

postcomment EntityType


A comment on an activity feed post.

postfollow EntityType


Represents a user following the activity feed of an object.

postlike EntityType


A like on an activity feed post.

postregarding EntityType

Post Regarding

Represents which object an activity feed post is regarding. For internal use only.

pricelevel EntityType

Price List

Entity that defines pricing levels.

principal EntityType

Group of undeleted system users and undeleted teams. Owners can be used to control access to specific objects.

principalobjectaccess EntityType

privilege EntityType


Permission to perform an action in Microsoft CRM. The platform checks for the privilege and rejects the attempt if the user does not hold the privilege.

processstage EntityType

Process Stage

Stage associated with a process.

product EntityType


Information about products and their pricing information.

productassociation EntityType

Product Association

Instance of a product added to a bundle or kit.

productpricelevel EntityType

Price List Item

Information about how to price a product in the specified price level, including pricing method, rounding option, and discount type based on a specified product unit.

productsubstitute EntityType

Product Relationship

Information about the selling relationship between two products, including the relationship type, such as up-sell, cross-sell, substitute, or accessory.

publisher EntityType


A publisher of a CRM solution.

publisheraddress EntityType

Publisher Address

Address and shipping information. Used to store additional addresses for a publisher.

quarterlyfiscalcalendar EntityType

Quarterly Fiscal Calendar

Quarterly fiscal calendar of an organization. A span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.

queue EntityType


A list of records that require action, such as accounts, activities, and cases.

queueitem EntityType

Queue Item

A specific item in a queue, such as a case record or an activity record.

quote EntityType


Formal offer for products and/or services, proposed at specific prices and related payment terms, which is sent to a prospective customer.

quoteclose EntityType

Quote Close

Activity generated when a quote is closed.

quotedetail EntityType

Quote Product

Product line item in a quote. The details include such information as product ID, description, quantity, and cost.

ratingmodel EntityType

Rating Model

Represents a model to evaluate skills or other related entities.

ratingvalue EntityType

Rating Value

A unique value associated with a rating model that allows providing a user friendly rating value.

recommendeddocument EntityType

Document Suggestions

Document Suggestions

recurringappointmentmaster EntityType

Recurring Appointment

The Master appointment of a recurring appointment series.

report EntityType


Data summary in an easy-to-read layout.

reportcategory EntityType

Report Related Category

Categories related to a report. A report can be related to multiple categories.

resource EntityType


User or facility/equipment that can be scheduled for a service.

resourcegroup EntityType

Scheduling Group

Resource group or team whose members can be scheduled for a service.

resourcespec EntityType

Resource Specification

Selection rule that allows the scheduling engine to select a number of resources from a pool of resources. The rules can be associated with a service.

role EntityType

Security Role

Grouping of security privileges. Users are assigned roles that authorize their access to the Microsoft CRM system.

roleprivileges EntityType

Group of privileges used to categorize users to provide appropriate access to entities.

roletemplate EntityType

Role Template

Template for a role. Defines initial attributes that will be used when creating a new role.

roletemplateprivileges EntityType

salesliterature EntityType

Sales Literature

Storage of sales literature, which may contain one or more documents.

salesliteratureitem EntityType

Sales Attachment

Item in the sales literature collection.

salesorder EntityType


Quote that has been accepted.

salesorderdetail EntityType

Order Product

Line item in a sales order.

savedquery EntityType


Saved query against the database.

savedqueryvisualization EntityType

System Chart

System chart attached to an entity.

sdkmessage EntityType

Sdk Message

Message that is supported by the SDK.

sdkmessagefilter EntityType

Sdk Message Filter

Filter that defines which SDK messages are valid for each type of entity.

sdkmessageprocessingstep EntityType

Sdk Message Processing Step

Stage in the execution pipeline that a plug-in is to execute.

sdkmessageprocessingstepimage EntityType

Sdk Message Processing Step Image

Copy of an entity's attributes before or after the core system operation.

sdkmessageprocessingstepsecureconfig EntityType

Sdk Message Processing Step Secure Configuration

Non-public custom configuration that is passed to a plug-in's constructor.

semiannualfiscalcalendar EntityType

Semiannual Fiscal Calendar

Calendar representing the semi-annual span of time during which the financial activities of an organization are calculated.

service EntityType


Activity that represents work done to satisfy a customer's need.

serviceappointment EntityType

Service Activity

Activity offered by the organization to satisfy its customer's needs. Each service activity includes date, time, duration, and required resources.

servicecontractcontacts EntityType

serviceendpoint EntityType

Service Endpoint

Service endpoint that can be contacted.

sharepointdocumentlocation EntityType

Document Location

Document libraries or folders on a SharePoint server from where documents can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

sharepointsite EntityType

SharePoint Site

SharePoint site from where documents can be managed in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

similarityrule EntityType

Similarity Rule

site EntityType


Location or branch office where an organization does business. An organization can have multiple sites.

sla EntityType


Contains information about the tracked service-level KPIs for cases that belong to different customers.

slaitem EntityType

SLA Item

Contains information about a tracked support KPI for a specific customer.

slakpiinstance EntityType

SLA KPI Instance

Service level agreement (SLA) key performance indicator (KPI) instance that is tracked for an individual case

socialactivity EntityType

Social Activity

For internal use only.

socialprofile EntityType

Social Profile

This entity is used to store social profile information of its associated account and contacts on different social channels.

solution EntityType


A solution which contains CRM customizations.

solutioncomponent EntityType

Solution Component

A component of a CRM solution.

subject EntityType


Information regarding subjects available in the system.

subscriptionmanuallytrackedobject EntityType

Subscription Manually Tracked Object

For internal use only.

subscriptionstatisticsoffline EntityType

Subscription Statistic Offline

Subscription Statistic Offline

subscriptionstatisticsoutlook EntityType

Subscription Statistic Outlook

Subscription Statistic Outlook

subscriptionsyncentryoffline EntityType

Subscription Sync Entry Offline

Used for offline sync, internal use only.

subscriptionsyncentryoutlook EntityType

Subscription Sync Entry Outlook

Used for outlook sync, internal use only.

syncerror EntityType

Sync Error

Failure reason and other detailed information for a record that failed to sync.

systemform EntityType

System Form

Organization-owned entity customizations including form layout and dashboards.

systemuser EntityType


Person with access to the Microsoft CRM system and who owns objects in the Microsoft CRM database.

task EntityType


Generic activity representing work needed to be done.

team EntityType


Collection of system users that routinely collaborate. Teams can be used to simplify record sharing and provide team members with common access to organization data when team members belong to different Business Units.

teamtemplate EntityType

Team template

Team template for an entity enabled for automatically created access teams.

template EntityType

Email Template

Template for an email message that contains the standard attributes of an email message.

territory EntityType


Territory represents sales regions.

theme EntityType


Information that's used to set custom visual theme options for client applications.

timestampdatemapping EntityType

Time Stamp Date Mapping

For internal use only.`

timezonedefinition EntityType

Time Zone Definition

Time zone definition, including name and time zone code.

timezonelocalizedname EntityType

Time Zone Localized Name

Localized name of the time zone.

timezonerule EntityType

Time Zone Rule

Definition for time conversion between local time and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for a particular time zone at a particular time period.

tracelog EntityType


A trace log.

transactioncurrency EntityType


Currency in which a financial transaction is carried out.

translationprocess EntityType

Translation Process

Translation Process Business Process Flow

uom EntityType


Unit of measure.

uomschedule EntityType

Unit Group

Grouping of units.

userform EntityType

User Dashboard

User-owned dashboards.

userquery EntityType

Saved View

Saved database query that is owned by a user.

userqueryvisualization EntityType

User Chart

Chart attached to an entity.

usersettings EntityType

User Settings

User's preferred settings.

webresource EntityType

Web Resource

Data equivalent to files used in Web development. Web resources provide client-side components that are used to provide custom user interface elements.

webwizard EntityType

Web Wizard

Definition for a Web-based wizard.

workflow EntityType


Set of logical rules that define the steps necessary to automate a specific business process, task, or set of actions to be performed.

workflowlog EntityType

Process Log

Log used to track process execution.

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