eConnect Programmer's Guide

The Programmer's Guide contains the basic information you need to begin using Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect The Guide is divided into parts that focus on specific topics If you are new to eConnect, review the Overview and XML Document information since they will help you to understand the basics of eConnect The remaining parts of the Guide focus on specific development tools and approaches that eConnect supports You should refer to the topics that best suit your application development environment and tools The list that follows introduces the components of the Programmer's Guide:

  • eConnect Overview provides an introduction to the eConnect application programming interfaces (API) Review these chapters to understand the API components and how you can use eConnect to add Microsoft Dynamics GP data and functionality o your application
  • eConnect Schema and XML Documents explains the documents that eConnect uses to describe Microsoft Dynamics GP documents and operations This information will help you to construct an eConnect XML document
  • .NET Development discusses eConnect's support for MIcrosoft NET The eConnect install provides three NET assemblies you can use to add eConnect functionality to a project Review this information to learn what the assemblies contain and how to use them
  • MSMQ Development discusses how to use eConnect with Microsoft Message Queues (MSMQ) This application programming interface (API) allows you to exchange data with Microsoft Dynamics GP using the eConnect Incoming, and Outgoing Services
  • Business Logic provides information about using and extending the eConnect business objects Review this section if you need to use or alter eConnect's business logic to meet a unique business operation
  • Transaction Requester discusses how you can use eConnect to request data from Microsoft Dynamics GP Review this portion of the documentation when your application needs to retrieve data
  • eConnect Samples discusses the sample applications that install with eConnect