Developing Integrations

This portion of the documentation describes the various techniques you will use as you develop integrations using Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The following topics are discussed:

  • WinForms describes how to create WinForms that have the appearance of windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Control Reference provides details of the various controls that are modified by Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Dictionary Assembly Generator describes the tool used to create .NET assemblies that provide access to dictionary resources.
  • Accessing Dictionary Resources explains how to access resources in dictionaries from your integrating application.
  • Events describes how to register for and respond to events for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Working with Tables describes how to directly access Microsoft Dynamics GP tables from an integration.
  • Building and Deploying explains how to build and deploy an integration you have created.
  • Debugging explains how to debug an integration created with Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Modified and Alternate Forms describes how to access resources on modified forms and alternate forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Implementing Macro Support explains how to make forms created with Visual Studio Tools accessible by the macro system in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Using Lookups describes how to use existing lookups from Microsoft Dynamics GP in your Visual Studio Tools integration.
  • Helper Functions provides information about functions added to the Dynamics dictionary that perform useful actions for Visual Studio Tools integrations.