XML Schema Reference

This section of the documentation provides information about the Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect document and transaction type schema. You use document and transactions types to construct the XML documents that eConnect uses to create, update, retrieve, and delete or void Dynamics GP data. The following sections describe the schema and identify the XML nodes you use to populate the eConnect document and transaction types:

Hint: If you review the transaction type schema, you might find nodes that include the name of an XML node with _Items appended to the node name. These nodes enable you to add one or more XML nodes of the specified type to your document. For example, the taBRBankDepositsLine_Items node of the BRBankDepositsType transaction type specifies that you can include one or more taBRBankDepositsLine XML nodes in that document.

The eConnect installation includes .xsd files that contain the definition of each schema. The individual schema files are typically found at C:\Program files\Microsoft Dynamics\eConnect 11.0\XML Sample Documents\Incoming XSD Individual Schemas.