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How to: Set Up a Payment Services Connection

To enable Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you must set up some parameters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then go online to sign up with Payment Services. In this procedure, you establish a connection and sign up, and you also select payment providers.


Before setting up a connection to Payment Services, you must create a Windows Live ID account that you will use to manage Payment Services for your company. For more information, see Welcome to Windows Live. You must also sign up with a payment provider and get an account from Microsoft Dynamics. For more information, see Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics and Provisioning Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (requires PartnerSource account).

You must perform the following procedure in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

To set up a connection to Payment Services

  1. In the Search box, enter Payment Services Connection Setup, and then choose the related link.

  2. To test your connection and setup, select the Run in Test Mode check box.


    When you select this option, no actual transactions are sent to the payment provider. After you have set up your payment provider and verified that the connection is working correctly, return to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Payment Services Connection Setup card and clear this check box.

  3. On the Actions tab, in the Encryption group, choose Generate Key to generate the encryption key that is stored on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. The Login Account that is used by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance must be configured to have access to the installation folder for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For information on configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances, see Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instances.

  4. On the Actions tab, in the Functions group, choose Sign-up Now. The Setup Payment Service Account window opens.

  5. In the Account Information section, enter the organization name that you will use to identify this payment services account, and then enter an email address.


    Your Microsoft Certified Partner will use the organization name to identify you in Payment Services for provisioning and activation support.

  6. In the Services Information section, review and accept the terms, and then choose Sign Up.

    As requested, provide your Windows Live ID and your password.

  7. When the Next Steps window opens, choose the Close button to return to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A dialog box opens and states if signup was successful.

  8. Select the Active check box to enable the Payment Services connection after you have signed up with Payment Services.

  9. Choose the Service ID field. Select the Payment line and then close the Name/Value window.

You can now sign up with a Payment Services payment provider. For more information, see Provisioning Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (requires PartnerSource account).

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