Database Information

Shows information about the database. The only field that you can change is the Server Instance field.

To open this window, on the File menu, choose Database and then choose Information.

General Tab

Field Description

Database Server

The full name of the SQL Server where the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database is stored.

You cannot change the contents of this field.

Database Name

The name of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database that is currently open.

You cannot change the contents of this field.

SQL Edition

The edition of SQL Server that is running on the database server.

You cannot change the contents of this field.

Server Instance

The server instance name and server port of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This is the server that is used to run objects in the current database. Choose the drop-down arrow to change the server instance. You can choose a server instance from the Available Server Instances window.

You can also change the server instance from the Options window.

For more information, see Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instances and How to: Change the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Instance.

Sessions Tab

Field Description

Licensed Sessions

The maximum number of sessions that can be connected to the database that has the current license.

To view the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV sessions, in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, in the Search box, enter Sessions, and then choose the related link.

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