Generic Charts Window

Shows the list of generic charts in the database that can be displayed on Role Centers, FactBoxes, and list places. Some of the generic charts in the list are added to selected pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by default, but you can remove them or add others with the Customize feature. For more information, see How to: Add Charts to Role Centers and List Places.

Generic charts can be customized to visualize data in different combinations by defining data and chart measures in the Generic Chart Setup window. For more information, see How to: Create Generic Charts.


In addition to generic charts described in this topic, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a series of specific charts that you cannot create from scratch in the user interface, but that you can edit in multiple ways. For more information, see How to: Edit Specific Charts.

Export and Import Charts

You can export and import a generic chart from the Generic Charts window and the Generic Chart Setup window by choosing Export Chart and Import Chart, respectively.

A chart is exported as an XML file. You can rename the file, modify the chart definition using an XML editor, and then import the new chart into another client, for example.

Performance Considerations

The rendering of a Role Center may be affected by charts that require the calculation of large amounts of data. We recommend that you limit the amount of data by using filters in the chart definition. For more information, see Generic Chart Filters.

The performance og generic charts improves if the chart is based on queries instead of tables. Charts can be rendered asynchronously.


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