How to: Create a Time Sheet

Use the Create Time Sheets batch job to set up time sheets for a specified number of time periods or weeks. You must have permissions to be able to create time sheets. After a time sheet is created, the time sheet owner can open it and record time that has been spent on a task.

To create time sheets

  1. In the Search box, enter Create Time Sheets, and then choose the related link.

  2. In the Starting Date field, enter a start date for the time sheets. The date must be in an open accounting period.

  3. In the No. of Periods field, enter the number periods for which you want to create time sheets. A period is a week or seven days.

  4. Select the Create Lines From Job Planning check box if you are creating time sheets associated with job planning lines.

  5. Optionally, on the Resource FastTab, set filters to select resources by number or type.

  6. Choose the OK button to start the batch job.

You can view the time sheets that you have created in the Time Sheet List window.

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