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Bin Ranking Field, Bin Table

Contains the ranking of the bin. The program sets this field to the ranking specified for the zone, but you can enter a more appropriate ranking as necessary. The program will suggest a pick from the bin with the highest numerical ranking. Items in the highest-ranking bins (bins with the highest number in the field) will thus be picked first. The program also uses bin ranking to calculate bin replenishment, in which items in lower-ranking bins are moved to higher-ranking bins.

Bin ranking is also used when the program suggests put-away lines. Bins with the highest bin rankings are proposed first. When the location is set up for directed put-away and pick and uses put-away templates, the program searches first for bins that fit the put-away template criteria. If it finds more than one bin that fits the put-away template criteria, the program suggests the bin with the highest bin ranking. If both the put-away template criteria and the bin ranking result in a suggestion of more than one bin, the program suggests the bin with the highest bin code.


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