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Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides many features and enhancements for Italy.

New and Changed Features in the Italian version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Blacklist Transactions

In Italy, organizations must report, by electronic means, all transactions that are carried out with persons or organizations having their residence or domicile in a blacklist country/region. The law requires that all Italian VAT-registered organizations periodically report transaction details to the Italian Revenue Service to help prevent VAT fraud. Transactions subject to blacklist reporting include the following:

  • Purchases of Goods

  • Sales of Goods

  • Purchases of Services

  • Sales of Services

How you set up a Blacklist Communication report has changed to accommodate changes in the Italian regulations.

Blacklist Communication

VAT Data Transmission Appointment Codes

With this release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, unified support for appointment codes is enabled for the various reports that describe VAT transactions. The implementation of the support for appointment codes for VAT reports and Blacklist Communication reports has been redesigned with the goal of creating one user experience that customers can use with both types of reports.

Appointment Codes

VAT Transaction Report for the Tax Authorities

Every year the Italian tax authorities require Italian companies to print fiscal reports listing all of the posted ledger entries.

Reporting requirements have been updated. For example, threshold amounts at which transactions must be reported have changed. Consequently, the Italian VAT reports have been modified. The transactions that are impacted are invoices and credit memos for customers and vendors.

Italian VAT


In addition to the standard SEPA formats, Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides support for the Italian CBI SEPA format, v.00.04.00, Payment Request, for payments to vendors. New export options have been added to the Vendor Bill List Sent Card window. In addition, XMLport 12100 is provided.

Vendor Bill List Sent Card

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