Using Gestures in Windows Mobile 6.5


This language reference section contains descriptions of programming elements for touch events, gestures, and gesture animations.

The touch APIs are divided into two sections, the Gesture APIs which manage touch input, and the Gesture Physics Engine APIs which control how the display area reacts to user touch.

Touch functions, messages, and structures are shared with the mouse, since applications process stylus events as a click of the left mouse button. For additional Touch reference information, see Mouse Reference.

In This Section

  • Touch Gestures
    Introduces Window Gestures, and discusses how to implement a gesture interface in your application.
  • Physics Engine Overview
    Gives an introduction to the Physics Engine and how it is used when implementing a gesture interface.
  • Physics Engine Reference (DTK)
    This API controls how the screen responds to touch input and allows your applications to respond to touch in the same way that the shell does.