The following sections are provided for quick reference to information you use when building applications using Microsoft® CDO for Windows® 2000.

The areas of the reference are broken down as follows:

Area Description

COM Classes

This section lists the COM classes that comprise the CDO for Windows 2000 library. Both classes that you can create directly (top-level objects) and those that those that always exist subordinate to another object are listed.


This section lists the enumerations used with various CDO methods, properties and fields.


This section lists the string constants provided with CDO for Windows 2000. These constants are grouped into modules in the CDO for Windows 2000 type library. They are also made available in the CDO headers when working in C or C++.


This section lists the COM interface definitions used with CDO for Windows 2000.


This section lists the fields, organized by namespace, used with CDO for Windows 2000 objects.

Error Codes

This section lists the error codes returned by CDO for Windows 2000 objects when certain exceptional situations arise. This list is by no means complete, as errors returned from lower-level layers are returned directly to your application in many situations.