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Supported Transport Events with CDO

Supported Transport Events with CDO

You can use Microsoft® Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in conjunction with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) services to handle the events described in the following tables.

SMTP Service Events

Event Description


Occurs when a message has been successfully received by the SMTP service and before the message has been written to the drop directory or Microsoft® Exchange Server store. Messages can be received either through the network (SMTP protocol) or through the SMTP service local pickup directory.

NNTP Service Events

Event Description


Occurs when the initial newsgroup headers have been received by the NNTP service but before the actual message has arrived. This event is useful for initial inspection of incoming posts and is provided to increase sink performance on high-traffic servers.


Occurs when a complete message has been successfully received by the NNTP service. Messages arrive for post in either the NNTP pickup directory or over the network through the NNTP protocol.


Occurs after a message has been committed to disk or to the Exchange store.