Renamed Exchange 2013 Cmdlets


Applies to: Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Exchange Server 2013

Because of changes in functionality between Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013, some cmdlets have been renamed. In some cases, the original cmdlet has been included along with the new cmdlet to maintain application and script compatibility. Cmdlets that have a newer, renamed version display the following notice when they're run:

The <old cmdlet name> cmdlet will be removed in a future version of Exchange. Use the <new cmdlet name> cmdlet instead. If you have any scripts that use the <old cmdlet name> cmdlet, update them to use the <new cmdlet name> cmdlet.  For more information, see

If you encounter a cmdlet that displays this message, begin using the new cmdlet instead of the old one. If you use a cmdlet that displays this message in scripts, update your scripts to use the new cmdlet.