Learn more about CSV files for IMAP migrations


Applies to: Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2013

The CSV file you use to migrate the contents of users' mailboxes in an IMAP migration contains a row for each user. Each row contains information about the user's Exchange Online mailbox and mailbox on the IMAP server. Exchange Online uses this information to process the migration. You have to submit a CSV file to create an IMAP migration batch.

Here are the required attributes for each user:

  • EmailAddress specifies the user ID for the user's Exchange Online mailbox.

  • UserName specifies the logon name for the account to use to access the mailbox on the IMAP server.

  • Password specifies the password for the account in the UserName column.

Here's an example of the format for the CSV file. In this example, three mailboxes are migrated.


For the UserName and Password attributes, you can also use the credentials of an account that has been assigned the necessary permissions to access mailboxes on the IMAP server. In this scenario, the value used for the UserName attribute is a combination of the user name for the person whose email is being migrated and the user name for an administrator account that has permission to access all user mailboxes. The supported format for administrator credentials is different depending on the IMAP server you're migrating email from. For more information about how to use administrator credentials, see the documentation for your IMAP server.

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