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TechNet Flash, Volume 12, Issue 4 - February 24, 2010
TechNet Flash Editor's Note from Mitch Irsfeld

Clearing the Fog Around Cloud Computing
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Describing the general concept of cloud computing, its promise and benefits, is fairly straightforward. But the varied approaches and emerging product offerings from a growing list of vendors create confusion, especially as you look at it from the standpoint of your existing infrastructure. Microsoft's approach to cloud services allows you to deploy cloud workloads and integrate them back into your existing on-premises systems.

I've collected a few resources to get you going:

Clearing the Fog Around Cloud Computing
TechNet Magazine takes a closer look at the Windows Azure Platform and the Business Productivity Online Suite.

Microsoft Cloud Services: a New Model for Business Computing
This online brochure provides a summary of Microsoft Cloud Services benefits via covering the following topics: Definition of cloud computing, Microsoft Cloud Services, the three principles of the Microsoft cloud computing strategy, Microsoft offers, and proof points.

Security in Cloud Computing - a Microsoft Perspective (Level 100)
An introduction to the security benefits and challenges that cloud computing will bring; discusses some important considerations that organizations should address before embracing the cloud.

Wrapping Up the TechNet 2.0 Preview Series
By the time you read this, Keith Combs will have nearly completed his blog series on the new TechNet experience. That can only mean one thing: yes, we're getting close. Here are all the episodes so far.

Check Keith's blog for one or two more TechNet 2.0 previews before we launch the new experience. Next time you read this, you can tell me what you think of the real deal!

Speaking of new ways to use TechNet, version 2 of the TechNet Widget is now live. Get the latest TechNet content and news directly on your desktop. You can create your own widget and customize it with your own logo, and easily incorporate it on a blog page or Web site with the embed code provided.

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