Before you can use the AJAX, HTTP and SOAP interface you must obtain a valid Bing API AppID. The Widget will only require and AppID if you wish to use the collaborative translations functionality. You may obtain one by visiting Sign in with your Windows Live ID and generate an application ID according to the instructions.


The AppID is used as a parameter for all API method calls. Please keep the AppID safe since it is the what identifies you as the owner of a particular site or scenario. There is also an option to retrieve a token (based on an AppID), which can be used in place of an actual AppID for all method calls. The token can be set to expire anywhere between one second and 24 hours.

To retrieve a token is simple, the AJAX, HTTP and SOAP inrterfaces all provide the method below, which will return one as a string. The rating parameters of the method are used for CTF method calls to determine translation read and write levels.

Text Box: string Microsoft.Translator.GetAppIdToken(appId, minRatingRead, maxRatingWrite, expireSeconds);

The recommended write rating for anonymous users is between 1 and 4; and between 6 and 10 for yourself and anyone you want to authorize to approve translations on your behalf. The recommended rating for read is 5, as this will only include Microsoft Translator engine translations and site specific approved translations.