Bing Maps REST Services API Reference

This section contains reference documentation for the Bing Maps REST Services.

In this section

Locations API

Use the Locations API to geocode and reverse-geocode location data.

Elevations API

Use the Elevations API to get elevations for a set of locations, a path or an area on the Earth.

Imagery API

Use the Imagery API to get a map with your specifications or if you want to request imagery data such as map tile URLs and imagery provider information.

Routes API

Use the Routes API to get directions and route information for driving, walking or using transit.

Traffic API

Use the Traffic API to get information about traffic incidents and issues in a specified area.

Common Parameters and Types

Use common parameters and types to specify values such as culture and pushpin styles.

Common Response Description

Use this description to understand the results returned for a Bing Maps REST Services request.

Status Codes and Error Handling

Use the status and error code descriptions for troubleshooting.