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The System.Drawing parent namespace contains types that support basic GDI+ graphics functionality. Child namespaces support advanced two-dimensional and vector graphics functionality, advanced imaging functionality, and print-related and typographical services. A child namespace also contains types that extend design-time user-interface logic and drawing.


Namespace Description
System.Drawing The System.Drawing namespace provides access to GDI+ basic graphics functionality. More advanced functionality is provided in the System.Drawing.Drawing2D, System.Drawing.Imaging, and System.Drawing.Text namespaces.
System.Drawing.Configuration The System.Drawing.Configuration namespace contains a class that supports configuration for classes in the System.Drawing namespace.
System.Drawing.Design The System.Drawing.Design namespace contains classes that extend design-time user interface (UI) logic and drawing.
System.Drawing.Drawing2D The System.Drawing.Drawing2D namespace provides advanced two-dimensional and vector graphics functionality.
System.Drawing.Imaging The System.Drawing.Imaging namespace provides advanced GDI+ imaging functionality. Basic graphics functionality is provided by the System.Drawing namespace.
System.Drawing.Printing The System.Drawing.Printing namespace provides print-related services for Windows Forms applications.
System.Drawing.Text The System.Drawing.Text namespace provides advanced GDI+ typography functionality.