Managed Languages

There are same great enhancements to the set of managed languages in Visual Studio 2010. Not only do C# and Visual Basic continue to evolve together as premier languages in Visual Studio, but we also added a new functional programming language called F#.

Hands-On Labs

  • Introduction To F#

    This Hands-On Lab is comprised by the following exercises. Examine the basic F# types including tuples and functions. Discover how the "let" keyword allows values to be bound to identifiers. See that in F# functions are the same as any other value, and are handled the same way. Demonstrate how this allows advanced language features such as partially-applied or "curried" functions. Discover how F# lists are built and the power that can be achieved by F#'s "Head + Tail" approach. Demonstrate the powerful pattern matching and recursion capabilities of F#. Demonstrate the power and usefulness of discriminated unions in F#.

  • Visual Studio 2010: Office Programmability

    In this lab you will see how new features in Visual Studio 2010, C# 4, and Visual Basic 10 make it easer to develop applications leveraging Microsoft Office. Additionally, you'll see a number of other powerful features which speed other elements of Office development.

  • Visual Studio 2010: Test Driven Development

    Visual Studio 2010 brings with it several enhancements to help cut development friction and enable the developer to focus on the task at hand: writing high-quality code. In the following exercises we'll highlight several of the new features that the TDD developer can use to enhance his/her development cadence. Visual Studio helps your cadence by cutting the number of keystrokes to accomplish frequently performed tasks, speeds navigation through your solution, and enables you to use test frameworks other than MSTest.