Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow

Windows Communication Foundation and Workflow are significantly improved in the .NET Framework 4. In this unit, you'll learn about the improvements to both as well as the integration of the two which make it easy to expose Workflows as services.

Hands-On Labs

  • Introduction to Workflow 4

    In this lab you will get to know the basics of creating, hosting and running a workflow. This lab is also intended to be and introduction to the new workflow authoring constructs in the .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010, including the new Workflow Designer, expressions, variables and arguments. Additionally, you will explore the use of some basic built-in activities.

  • Introduction to Workflow Services using .NET Framework 4

    This hands-on lab is intended to introduce developers to writing workflow services using .NET Framework 4. You will examine the different messaging activities of Windows Workflow, and learn how to configure them to create a distributed application. This lab is built around a specific HR business scenario where candidates submit their applications and are hired or rejected based on an evaluation process.

  • What's New in WCF 4?

    Windows Communication Foundation 4 includes a new feature that enables service discovery. Service discovery allows you to locate services on the same subnet using ad hoc discovery, or using a proxy to establish connections with servers regardless of where they are. In this lab you will create a simple chat application that will use both methods to learn about available services.