Gravatar.GetHtml Method

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Helpers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Helpers (in Microsoft.Web.Helpers.dll)


Public Shared Function GetHtml ( _
    email As String, _
    imageSize As Integer, _
    defaultImage As String, _
    rating As GravatarRating, _
    imageExtension As String, _
    attributes As Object _
) As HtmlString
Dim email As String
Dim imageSize As Integer
Dim defaultImage As String
Dim rating As GravatarRating
Dim imageExtension As String
Dim attributes As Object
Dim returnValue As HtmlString

returnValue = Gravatar.GetHtml(email, _
    imageSize, defaultImage, rating, _
    imageExtension, attributes)
public static HtmlString GetHtml(
    string email,
    int imageSize,
    string defaultImage,
    GravatarRating rating,
    string imageExtension,
    Object attributes
static HtmlString^ GetHtml(
    String^ email, 
    int imageSize, 
    String^ defaultImage, 
    GravatarRating rating, 
    String^ imageExtension, 
    Object^ attributes
public static function GetHtml(
    email : String, 
    imageSize : int, 
    defaultImage : String, 
    rating : GravatarRating, 
    imageExtension : String, 
    attributes : Object
) : HtmlString


Return Value

Type: HtmlString


  • Medium trust for the immediate caller. This member can be used by partially trusted code.

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