Exercise 5: Publish a Database to the Web (Optional)

Exercise 5 is an optional exercise because you may not have an environment readily available to publish your database to SharePoint 2010 Access Services. However, this exercise shows the simple steps in doing so. Whether you are publishing your application to an on premises SharePoint 2010 site or a hosted service SharePoint site, the process is the same. If you do not have a SharePoint environment setup locally, you can use Bing and search on “Microsoft Access 2010 Hosting” for hosting services that offer Access Services.

If you have Access 2007 databases that you would like to publish to the web, check out this video tutorial for guidance, https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Access/Tutorial-Publish-a-Access-2007-database-to-the-web/.

Task 1 – Publish to SharePoint 2010 Access Services

  1. Navigate to Backstage via the File tab and click Options.

    Figure 41

    Backstage View

  2. Select Current Database and then choose Main to be the starter Web Display Form for the web user experience and click OK. (Follow any subsequent prompt instructions accordingly.)

    Figure 42

    Access Options

  3. In Backstage view, click Publish to Access Services.

    Figure 43

    Publish to Access Services

  4. To confirm your database is web compatible, click Run Compatibility Checker. (There should be no errors since this lab’s exercises use web compatible objects. If you receive errors, fix them and continue. If you are prompted to close open objects, close them and run the compatibility checker again.)

    Figure 44

    Run Compatibility Checker

  5. Type your SharePoint 2010 Server URL, Site Name (JobApplicants in this case) and click Publish to Access Services.

    Figure 45

    Publish to SharePoint 2010 Access Services Site

  6. Access shows the publishing progress.

    Figure 46

    Publishing Progress Dialog

  7. When publishing is complete, the Publishing Succeeded dialog will display. Click the link to access the site.

    Figure 47

    Publish Succeeded Dialog

  8. View your new web application in SharePoint 2010!

    Figure 48

    Web Application