SharePoint and Silverlight Training Course

Version: 1.0

SharePoint and Silverlight Training Course

Target Audience

Basic understanding of Microsoft SharePoint, Silverlight.


Silverlight Prerequisites


Introduction To Silverlight and SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 includes several Silverlight components that enhance the out of the box functionality the SharePoint platform provides. SharePoint 2010 also includes several Silverlight components that allow users to create custom applications based on the SharePoint platform without writing any code.

Integrating Silverlight and SharePoint

There are several ways to integrate Silverlight applications with SharePoint web sites. Visual Studio 2010 may be used to create SharePoint Solution Packages to automate the deployment of Silverlight applications. The Silverlight Web Part Visual Studio Extensions automate the creation and configuration of projects and assets used to deploy Silverlight applications. Using sample data with Expression Blend improves the Silverlight design experience.

Accessing Data with the Silverlight Client Object Model

The SharePoint Silverlight Client Object Model (Client OM) allows developers to interact with SharePoint from their Silverlight application easily - without having to write and deploy server-side code and without having to depend on the SharePoint web services and their inherent limitations and complexity. This demo will show basic interaction between a Silverlight application and SharePoint list data - specifically focusing on creating, reading, updating and deleting SPListItems directly from Silverlight and without requiring any server-side code.

Accessing Data With Web Services and Data Services

Silverlight applications can access SharePoint data and services using web services. Many SharePoint 2010 web services are available including Search. SharePoint 2010 Web Services increases the reach of SharePoint data and services.

Interacting with JavaScript and jQuery

For Silverlight applications that live inside the browser, interacting with the hosting web page is an important capability. This lab guides you through using the HTML Bridge to do just this - manipulating the hosting HTML page as well as exploring two-way interaction between managed code inside Silverlight and JavaScript inside the HTML page.

Branding With Silverlight

Because Silverlight applications add rich functionality and enhance the user experience on SharePoint sites, they are frequently part of a custom branding solution. When you need to add a Silverlight application to all the pages in your SharePoint site, you will most likely add the Silverlight application to a master page. SharePoint Designer 2010 provides the features and tools you need to brand SharePoint sites and add Silverlight applications to master pages. This makes SharePoint Designer 2010 the perfect tool for power users who may not have experience developing solutions using Visual Studio 2010, yet still need to enhance the look and feel of their SharePoint sites with Silverlight applications.

Accessing Cloud Data with Windows Azure and SQL Azure

Working in the cloud is becoming a major initiative for application development departments. Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud incorporating data and services.

Building Advanced SharePoint Controls with Silverlight

Adding Silverlight's rich UI capabilities, along with the managed code and off-server client object model code, can produce a compelling user experience. Robust navigation is an important part of a highly usable site. Replacing the out of the box SharePoint navigation can help to increase user adoption of a new site by increasing the performance and functionality of the navigation.

Understanding the Silverlight and Sharepoint Security Models

Silverlight applications provide a rich interactive user interface in SharePoint 2010. A ClientAccessPolicy allows Silverlight to access a resources and services in a different domain. Silverlight and the Client Object Model can be used to access data anonymously. Some common methods used to query lists including GetItems are not allowed to be called by anonymous users.

Advanced Silverlight and SharePoint Solutions

Silverlight applications can run out of browser (OOB). Silverlight OOB applications hosted by the client can use SharePoint remote APIs to access SharePoint data and services. SharePoint sites may be localized for a specific region. Silverlight applications can be localized using resource files, resources and resource managers. This is native Silverlight.