Exercise 1: Creating a SharePoint picture library data source

In this exercise, you will create an empty SharePoint picture library. In this scenario, the Windows Phone 7 application will use the imaging Web service and the lists Web service to view and upload images to the picture library.

Task 1 – Creating the Maintenance Pictures Library

In this task, you will use the out of the box picture library template to create the maintenance pictures library.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the SharePoint Team Site configured for Forms Based Authentication.

    example: https://fbawp7

  2. Log into the site using site collection administrator credentials.
  3. Click Site Actions and select More Options.
  4. In the Filter By section, select Library.
  5. Select Picture Library.

    Figure 1

    Selecting a Picture Library template

    Note: This lab uses the imaging Web service. This service only works with Picture libraries, it does not work with Asset Libraries.

  6. In the Name textbox enter Maintenance Pictures.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Verify the Maintenance Pictures list is created.

    Figure 2

    Maintenance Picture library without content