Exercise 3: Testing the Windows Phone 7 Application

In this exercise, you will test the Windows Phone 7 application.

Task 1 – Testing the Application in the Windows Phone 7 Eemulator

In this task, you will test the Windows Phone 7 application using the Windows Phone 7 emulator.

  1. In the WP7.AccAdv.Cam solution, select Windows Phone 7 Emulator in the deployment location dropdown list.
  2. In the WP7.AccAdv.Cam project, press F5.
  3. The Windows Phone application starts in the emulator and displays the items from the Maintenance Pictures SharePoint library. Initially there will be no pictures displayed until you save a picture into the library.

    Figure 5

    No pictures to display from the library

  4. Click on the camera icon to take a picture.

    Note: This lab uses the camera in the Windows Phone 7 emulator. The emulator’s camera simulates picture taking. The camera ability to simulate picture taking does not work on all computers.

    Figure 6

    Camera Icon in the Windows Phone 7 emulator

    The Windows Phone 7 emulator cannot take real pictures. The emulator will flash a black background with a white box that travels around edge of the screen. After a quick flash of a white box in the emulator, the camera will display only a black screen with camera controls

  5. Click the shutter icon located in the top-right corner of the emulator to take a picture. The white box reappears when the emulator snaps a picture. 

    Figure 7

    Emulator has taken a pretend picture

  6. Click accept.
  7. Enter a FileName with a file extension of .jpg.

    Example: BrokenCoffeeMachine.jpg

  8. Enter a Title

    Example: Broken Coffee Machine

    Figure 8

    Entering picture metadata

  9. Click the Save icon located below the Comment textbox.

    Figure 9

    Picture retrieved from SharePoint library

  10. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the maintenance picture library
  11. Verify the image exists in the picture library.

    Figure 10

    Viewing the picture from the SharePoint library