Step 4: Create the generic service resource for the cluster

To create a generic service resource for the cluster

  1. On each node in the cluster, start the Services MMC snap-in. In the list of services, right-click "Microsoft CRM Email Router," click Properties, and then set Startup type to Manual. Close the Services MMC snap-in.

  2. Start Active Directory Users and Computers. Locate the PrivUserGroup {GUID} security group for the deployment. Add the computer accounts for each node in the cluster. Close Active Directory Users and Computers.

  3. If you are using Windows Server 2003, start Cluster Administrator or, if you are using Windows Server 2008, start Failover Cluster Manager, and create a generic service resource. Use the following parameters:

    • Name: Create a descriptive name for the generic service resource, such as MSCRM E-mail Router.
    • Resource type: Generic Service
    • Group: Cluster Group
    • Possible owners: Add all nodes in the cluster.
    • Dependencies: If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server and you have installed the E-mail Router on the Exchange Server (not recommended), add Microsoft Exchange Information Store.


    If you are using a shared drive for the cluster, you must create a dependency on the shared resource.

    • Service Name: Microsoft CRM Email Router
    • Start Parameters: Leave blank.
    • Use Network Name for Computer Name: Leave unchecked.
    • Do not checkpoint any Registry keys.
  4. Bring the resource online. If necessary, configure the resource properties, such as the failover policies.

  5. Close Cluster Administrator or Failover Cluster Manager.

For more information about how to create a generic service resource, see Checklist: Installing a Generic Service resource.