Microsoft.TeamFoundation.ProcessConfiguration.Client Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class AddPanelConfiguration Add panel configuration
Public class AgileProjectConfiguration Project configuration settings for the agile features.
Public class BacklogCategoryConfiguration
Public class CategoryConfiguration
Public class Column Used to store information about columns used in the Product Backlog.
Public class CommonProjectConfiguration Contains common configuration values that are used to allow for customization of the process template.
Public class Field Field information
Public class IterationBacklogConfiguration
Public class ProcessConfigurationService
Public class ProductBacklogConfiguration product backlog configuration
Public class ProjectProcessConfiguration
Public class ProjectProcessConfigurationService Public interface for the ProcessConfigurationService Web service. Allows for process configuration items (such as task board/backlog settings) to be set/retrieved/validated.
Public class State Used to store information about states used in both the Product Backlog and the Taskboard.
Public class TeamConfiguration Contains team setting.
Public class TeamFieldValue Contains the details for a single team field value.
Public class TeamSettings Contains team setting.
Public class TeamSettingsConfigurationService Public interface for the TeamConfigurationService Web service. Allows for team configuration items (such as product backlog path, team fields) to be set and retrieved.
Public class TypeField Field information
Public class TypeFieldValue TypeField value information
Public class WorkItemCategory A Workitem Category
Public class WorkItemColor


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration FieldTypeEnum Field Categories
Public enumeration StateTypeEnum Represents the possible categories available for each taskboard and PBL state.