Introduction to Microsoft Account for Organizations

Microsoft account for organizations gives organizational account administrators the ability to manage and view the status of their organizational services and subscriptions from a single location.

Access to the account for organizations portal is available to any organization that has signed up for any of the following services or trial offers:

Subscription management

The account for organizations Services page lets you review your online services and trial subscriptions from a central location. From the Services page, you can review a status summary for your services that includes information about the following:

  • The number of licenses or quotas associated with your services

  • The number of licenses or quotas that you currently have in use

  • The number of licenses or quotas that you have remaining

  • When your subscriptions or services are set to expire

  • The current status of your subscriptions, services, and volume license purchase agreements

You can access detailed views of the subscriptions associated with each service by clicking on the name of that service from the Services page. In the subsequent detailed view page, you can review information about what subscriptions are associated with a service, access links to upgrade qualified trial offers, view invoices, and manage your subscriptions.

Sign up for services

Microsoft account for organizations allows you to use your organizational account to manage your organizational services. You can sign up for new services by visiting a service’s marketing website.

If your organization does not currently have an account for any online services, you will need to create an account during the sign-up process for a service. Once you have an organizational account you can modify your organizational account information from the Identity page within the portal. To modify your own account information, click your account name on the main page of the portal.


Depending on your assigned administrative role, some account management functions might be limited.

Identity management

Access to the account for organizations portal is managed through the use of administrative roles. Users that are assigned to the Global Administrator role can assign roles to other users by clicking Manage Users and Groups under Identity.

The Identity page also gives administrators the ability to manage identities and access rights for their services, change their domain name, or integrate online services with their own directory services through federation.

Troubleshooting and Support Information

Please feel free to refer to the following resources for further information if you are having any problems using account for organizations or if you have any suggestions to improve account for organizations.

  1. To provide feedback for Microsoft account for organizations, please visit our Feedback page!

  2. To find troubleshooting information for common account for organizations problems and errors, please visit the Troubleshooting section of our FAQ!

  3. To contact support for account for organizations, please contact

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