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SQL Server Data Tools - Visual Studio 2010

We will no longer update SSDT for Visual Studio 2010. Projects and DACPACs are fully compatible across shells. Please download the toolset for VS2012 or VS2013 for continued updates.

Download Visual Studio 2013 with SQL Server Tooling

Download SSDT for Visual Studio 2012

Software Requirements

  • If you already have the Professional Edition or higher of Visual Studio 2010, SSDT will integrate into your existing VS environment. Please note that you must install SP1 manually before installing SSDT.
  • If you do not have Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition or above, SSDT will install the Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Shell, apply SP1, and install SSDT on top of it. The Integrated Shell will only contain SSDT, and does not include VS programming languages and the features that support their respective project systems.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista SP2 or above
  • Windows 7 SP1 or above
  • Windows 8 RTM
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 or above
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or above

Download and Install SQL Server Data Tools

Set up an Administrative Install Point (optional)

For locations without internet access, create an Administrative Install Point for SQL Server Data Tools by following this procedure:

  1. Download the appropriate version of SSDTSetup.exe for your chosen language from the table below (use the “save” option in your browser, rather than “run”):
    Portuguese (Brazil)
    Chinese (PRC)
    English (United States)
    Chinese (Taiwan)
  2. Once downloaded, run the following command using an administrator command prompt (cmd.exe run as administrator):

    SSDTSetup.exe /layout <destination>

    Where <destination> is the location you wish to create the administrative install point (e.g on a USB drive, a LAN drive or other accessible location). NOTE: You will need approximately 1.8GB of free space at for the full install point because it includes all possible components that might be required.
  3. To use the install point once created, simply run SSDTSetup.exe from the <destination> location with no arguments. This will use the install point rather than attempting to download new copies of the relevant chained components.

Download SSDT as an ISO image (optional)

An ISO image of SSDT can be used as an alternative way to install SSDT or to set up an Administrative Installation point. The ISO is a self-contained file that contains all of the components needed by SSDT and it can be downloaded using a restartable download manager, useful for situations with limited or less reliable network bandwidth. Once downloaded, the ISO can be mounted as a drive or burned to a DVD.

Portuguese (Brazil) SSDT_10.3.31009.2_BR.iso
Chinese (PRC) SSDT_10.3.31009.2_CN.iso
German SSDT_10.3.31009.2_DE.iso
English (United States) SSDT_10.3.31009.2_EN.iso
Spanish SSDT_10.3.31009.2_ES.iso
French SSDT_10.3.31009.2_FR.iso
Italian SSDT_10.3.31009.2_IT.iso
Japan SSDT_10.3.31009.2_JA.iso
Korean SSDT_10.3.31009.2_KO.iso
Russian SSDT_10.3.31009.2_RU.iso
Chinese (Taiwan) SSDT_10.3.31009.2_TW.iso