Configure Connector Filter Rules

For this procedure, in Management Agent Designer, on the Configure Connector Filter page, you can configure whether the management agent will attempt further processing rules for an object or disconnect the object. If the object meets connector filter rules criteria, the object will then become a filtered disconnector. Connector filters are not required but can be useful in preventing unwanted objects from being synchronized with the metaverse. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the FIMSyncAdmins security group.

To configure connector filter rules

  1. In Management Agent Designer, on the Configure Connector Filter page, in Data Source Object Type, click the connected data source object type that you want to specify a connector filter for, and then, in the Filter Type list box, select one of the following options:

    • To specify no filter for the selected object type, click None.

    • To configure a declared filter for the selected object type, click Declared, then, click New, then in Data source attribute, click the attribute for which you want to specify a filter condition; then, in Operator, click an operator type; in Value, type a value for the condition, and then click Add condition. To remove a filter condition, click Remove condition, and then click OK.

    • To specify a rules extension to apply a connector filter rule to the selected object type, click Rules extension.

  2. To change the order of a filter to be applied to an object type, in **Filters for:**Object type, click the filter condition, and then click the Up or Down arrow.


Filters are combined with an AND operator if all conditions in all filters are met. Filters are combined with an OR operator if a condition in the first or previous filter is not met. If any condition in a single filter is not met, that filter is not applied.


You cannot configure a declared connector filter and a connector filter in a rules extension to the same object type.


If you change an object type's connector filter from Declared to Rules extension, all filter conditions of the declared connector filter are lost.


Configuring connector filter rules is optional. For the object types that do not have a connector filter, FIM determines join and projection actions.


Text values are not case-sensitive.


For string, numeric, or Boolean attribute types, a value configured in a connector filter condition must be of type string, numeric, or Boolean. For binary attributes, you must select an operator condition Is present or Is not present, or configure connector filter conditions in a rules extension. For reference attributes, connector filter conditions must be configured in a rules extension.

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