SectionFormat Properties

Public Properties

Property Description
Public property BackgroundColor  Gets or sets the background color of the object.
Public property CssClass  Gets or sets the name of the cascading style sheet (CSS) for the object.
Public property EnableKeepTogether  Gets or sets the option that indicates whether to keep the entire section on the same page if it is split into two pages.
Public property EnableNewPageAfter  Gets or sets the new page after options.
Public property EnableNewPageBefore  Gets or sets the new page before option.
Public property EnablePrintAtBottomOfPage  Gets or sets the print at bottom of page option.
Public property EnableResetPageNumberAfter  Gets or sets the reset page number after option.
Public property EnableSuppress  Gets or sets the area visibility.
Public property EnableSuppressIfBlank  Gets or sets the option that indicates whether to suppress the current section if it is blank.
Public property EnableUnderlaySection  Gets or sets the underlay following section option.


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