The CMTranslateRGBs function translates a bitmap from one color space to another using a color transform.

  HCMTRANSFORM hcmTransform,  LPVOID lpSrcBits,   BMFORMAT bmInput,   DWORD dwWidth,   DWORD dwHeight,   DWORD dwStride,  LPVOID lpDestBits,   BMFORMAT bmOutput,   DWORD dwTranslateDirection);


  • hcmTransform
    Specifies the color transform to use.
  • lpSrcBits
    Points to the bitmap to translate.
  • bmInput
    Specifies the input bitmap format.
  • dwWidth
    Specifies the number of pixels per scan line in the input bitmap.
  • dwHeight
    Specifies the number of scan lines in the input bitmap.
  • dwStride
    Specifies the number of bytes from the beginning of one scan line to the beginning of the next in the input bitmap. If dwStride is set to zero, the CMM should assume that scan lines are padded so as to be DWORD-aligned.
  • lpDestBits
    Points to a destination buffer in which to place the translated bitmap.
  • bmOutput
    Specifies the output bitmap format.
  • dwTranslateDirection
    Specifies the direction of the transform being used for the translation. This parameter must take one of the following values.
    Value Meaning
    CMS_FORWARD Use forward transform
    CMS_BACKWARD Use reverse transform

Return Values

If this function succeeds, the return value is TRUE.

If this function fails, the return value is FALSE and the CMM should call SetLastError to set the last error to a valid error value defined in Winerror.h.


Every CMM is required to export this function.

When writing into the destination buffer, the CMM should make sure that scan lines are padded to be DWORD-aligned.

If the input and output formats are not compatible with the color transform, this function fails.

If both input and output bitmap formats are 3-channel, 4 bytes-per-pixel as in the case of BM_xRGBQUADS, the 4th byte should be preserved and copied to the output buffer.

Note that this function must support in-place translation. That is, whenever the memory footprint of the output is less than or equal to the memory footprint of the input, this function must be able to translate the bitmap colors even if the source and destination buffers are the same.


**  Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista:** Included in Windows 2000 and later.
**  Windows 95/98/Me:** Included in Windows 98 and later.
**  Header:** Declared in Wingdi.h.
**  Library:** Use Gdi32.lib.

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