Delete cached copies of roaming profiles

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon


Determines whether the system saves a copy of a user's roaming profile on the local computer's hard disk drive when the user logs off.

This policy, and related policies in this folder, together describe a strategy for managing user profiles residing on remote servers. In particular, they tell the system how to respond when a remote profile is slow to load.

Roaming profiles reside on a network server. By default, when users with roaming profiles log off, the system also saves a copy of their roaming profile on the hard disk drive of the computer they are using in case the server that stores the roaming profile is unavailable when the user logs on again. The local copy is also used when the remote copy of the roaming user profile is slow to load.

If you enable this policy, any local copies of the user's roaming profile are deleted when the user logs off. The roaming profile still remains on the network server that stores it.

caution-icon Caution

Do not enable this policy if you are using the slow link detection feature of Windows 2000. To respond to a slow link, the system requires a local copy of the user's roaming profile.

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