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Overview of the UNIX Application Migration Guide

Larry Twork, Larry Mead, Bill Howison, JD Hicks, Lew Brodnax, Jim McMicking, Raju Sakthivel, David Holder, Jon Collins, Bill Loeffler
Microsoft Corporation

October 2002

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Welcome to the UNIX Application Migration Guide. This document illustrates guidelines and best practices required to port existing UNIX applications to the Windows environment, which can potentially reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with a traditionally painful migration process. Based on the experiences encountered by Microsoft consultants working in the field as well as external organizations that have migrated from UNIX to Windows, this guide is designed to give you the best information available about the issues that you are likely to face if you are contemplating or have decided on integrating your UNIX and Microsoft® Windows® operating system environments. This guide covers planning and practical issues involved in migration or co-existence between UNIX and Windows and provides a review of the different ways in which such a migration can be done. Ideal for both UNIX programmers as well as Windows programmers, this is a valuable source of information for anyone looking to take advantage of the Windows platform.


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UNIX and Windows Compared
The Migration Process
Assessment and Analysis
Planning the Migration
UNIX and Windows Interoperability
Creating the Development Environment
Preparing for Migration
Win32 Code Conversion
Interix Code Conversion
Migrating the User Interface
Testing and Quality Assurance
Creating the Live Environment
Migrating Fortran
Roadmap for Future Migrations

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