PriorityLevelNeededException.PriorityLevelNeededException(String,Exception) Constructor (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound)

Initializes a new instance of the PriorityLevelNeededException class.


Visual Basic Public Sub New( _
    ByVal message As String, _
    ByVal inner As ExceptionLeave Site _
C# public PriorityLevelNeededException(
    string message,
    ExceptionLeave Site inner
C++ public:
    StringLeave Sitemessage,
    ExceptionLeave Siteinner
JScript public function PriorityLevelNeededException(
    message : String,
    inner : ExceptionLeave Site


message System.String
String that contains the error message to display.
inner System.Exception
An ExceptionLeave Site object that represents errors that occur during application execution.