Error Message:



This Stop message indicates that a kernel-mode process tried to execute an incorrect or unknown processor instruction. This error handler is a default error handler that catches errors not associated with other specific error handlers.

User Action:

First, make sure that any new hardware installed is listed on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) on In addition, a buggy device driver or system service might be responsible for this error. Hardware issues, such as memory conflicts and IRQ conflicts, can also generate this error. If a driver is listed by name within the Stop message, disable or remove that driver. Disable or remove any drivers or services that were recently added. If the error occurs during the startup sequence and the system partition is formatted with NTFS file system, you might be able to use Safe Mode to rename or delete the faulty driver. If the driver is used as part of the system startup process in Safe Mode, you need to start the computer by using the Recovery Console to access the file. If the problem is associated with Win32k.sys, the source of the error might be a third-party remote control program. If such software is installed, the service can be removed by starting the system using the Recovery Console and deleting the offending system service file. Check the System Log in Event Viewer for additional error messages that might help pinpoint the device or driver that is causing this Stop message. Disabling memory caching of the BIOS might also resolve the error. Also run hardware diagnostics, especially the memory scanner, supplied by the system manufacturer. For details on these procedures, see the owners manual for your computer. For more troubleshooting information about this Stop message, refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base at