AnimationController.GetUpcomingTrackEvent(Int32,Int32) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Returns an event handle to the next event scheduled to occur after a specified event on an animation track.


Visual Basic Public Function GetUpcomingTrackEvent( _
    ByVal track As Integer, _
    ByVal eventHandle As Integer _
) As Integer
C# public int GetUpcomingTrackEvent(
    int track,
    int eventHandle
C++ public:
int GetUpcomingTrackEvent(
    int track,
    int eventHandle
JScript public function GetUpcomingTrackEvent(
    track : int,
    eventHandle : int
) : int;


track System.Int32
Track identifier.
eventHandle System.Int32
Event handle to the specified event. If set to 0, the method returns the next scheduled event.

Return Value

Event handle to the next event scheduled to run on the specified track. If no new event is scheduled, a value of 0 is returned.


This method can be used iteratively to locate a desired priority blend event by repeatedly passing in 0 for param_Int32_eventHandle.

**Note: **Do not iterate further after the method returns 0.