Unsupported Items

Below are the methods, properties, and events in the Windows Media Player, and ActiveMovie controls that are not currently supported on Windows CE. Attempting to access these items will not cause an error. Unsupported items are treated as described in Handling of Unsupported Items

WMP Unsupported Methods

AboutBox GetCodecURL GetStreamSelect
GetCodecDescription GetStreamGroup StreamSelect
GetCodecInstalled GetStreamName  

ActiveMovie Unsupported Methods


WMP Unsupported Properties

AnimationAtStart CursorType SAMILang
CanPreview DisplayMode SAMIStyle
CaptioningID EnableContextMenu SendWarningEvents
ClientID EnableFullScreenControls ShowCaptioning
CodecCount PreviewMode ShowDisplay
ConnectionSpeed SAMIFileName ShowGotoBar

ActiveMovie Unsupported Properties

AllowChangeDisplayMode DisplayMode ProgressCurrent
AllowHideDisplay EnableSelectionControls ShowDisplay
Appearance ProgressMax ShowSelectionControls

WMP Unsupported Events

Disconnect DisplayModeChange Warning

ActiveMovie Unsupported Events

DisplayModeChangeEvent Error Timer

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