This structure contains information about a phrase.

typedef [restricted] struct SPPHRASE{
  ULONG cbSize;
  WORD wReserved;
  ULONGLONG ullGrammarID;
  ULONGLONG ftStartTime;
  ULONGLONG ullAudioStreamPosition;
  ULONG ulAudioSizeBytes;
  ULONG ulRetainedSizeBytes;
  ULONG ulAudioSizeTime;
  const SPPHRASEPROPERTY* pProperties;
  const SPPHRASEELEMENT* pElements;
  ULONG cReplacements;
  const SPPHRASEREPLACEMENT* pReplacements;
  GUID SREngineID;
  ULONG ulSREnginePrivateDataSize;
  const BYTE* pSREnginePrivateData;


  • cbSize
    Size, in bytes, of this structure.
  • LangID
    Language identifier for the phrase elements.
  • wReserved
    Reserved for future use.
  • ullGrammarID
    ID of the grammar that contains the top-level rule used to recognize the phrase.
  • ftStartTime
    Absolute time for start of phrase audio. This is a 64-bit value representing the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601.
  • ullAudioStreamPosition
    Start time in the audio stream for the phrase.
  • ulAudioSizeBytes
    Size of audio data, in bytes, for the phrase.
  • ulRetainedSizeBytes
    Size, in bytes, of the retained audio data. The format is user-specified.
  • ulAudioSizeTime
    Length of phrase audio in 100-nanosecond units.
  • Rule
    SPPHRASERULE structure containing information about the top-level rule used to recognize the phrase.
  • pProperties
    Pointer to an SPPHRASEPROPERTY structure containing the semantic property tree.
  • pElements
    Pointer to an SPPHRASEELEMENT structure containing the phrase elements. The number of elements is contained in the Rule member.
  • cReplacements
    Number of text replacements specified in pReplacements.
  • pReplacements
    Pointer to an array of SPPHRASEREPLACEMENT structures containing text replacements.
  • SREngineID
    Identifier for the particular SR engine that recognized the current phrase.
  • ulSREnginePrivateDataSize
    Size, in bytes, of the private data specified by pSREnginePrivateData.
  • pSREnginePrivateData
    Pointer to private data for the engine.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.1 and later.
Header: Sapi.h, Sapi.idl.

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