_REPORTPREVIEW System Variable

Specifies the application used by Visual FoxPro to generate instances of a report preview user interface in order to satisfy requests from instances of the ReportListener class.

For more information on custom report previews, see Extending Report Preview Functionality



  • cProgramName
    Specifies the object factory application invoked by Visual FoxPro.


    If the application is located in a directory other than the current default directory, include a path name with the program name.


By default, _REPORTPREVIEW refers to ReportPreview.App, located in the main Visual FoxPro directory.

You can also specify an application to use in _REPORTPREVIEW using the File Locations tab in the Options dialog box. For more information, see File Locations Tab, Options Dialog Box.

The application in _REPORTPREVIEW is passed a NULL reference parameter, into which it must place an object reference to an instance of a class supporting the The Preview Container API. The application must then terminate, returning the Preview Container object reference:

pc = .NULL.

The variable pc will now contain an object reference.

Consider the following statements:

    rl = NEWOBJECT("Reportlistener")
    rl.ListenerType = 1
    REPORT FORM customers.frx OBJECT rl

When Visual FoxPro executes these commands, it checks the Reportlistener's PreviewContainer property for a valid object reference. If it does not find one, it obtains one by calling the _REPORTPREVIEW application.

Visual FoxPro will generate an error if it does not locate an application for _REPORTPREVIEW during a report preview.


When distributing report preview factory programs with your applications, you may find it convenient to explicitly set _REPORTPREVIEW in the Visual FoxPro configuration file, Config.fpw. For more information, see Including Report Files for Distribution and Setting Configuration Options at Startup.


The following line of code sets the _REPORTPREVIEW system variable to the default Report Preview application:

_REPORTPREVIEW = HOME()+"ReportPreview.app"

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