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This appendix contains a variety of resources that are related to claims-based architectures.

Windows Identity Foundation SDK

You can download the Windows Identity Foundation SDK at


Here are two training resources you can use to familiarize yourself with Windows Identity Foundation.

Fabrikam Shipping

Fabrikam Shipping is a semi-realistic sample Web application that demonstrates how to use Windows Identity Foundation for authentication, authorization, and identity-driven customization for a Web front end and a services back end. Its main goal is to show how to implement common tasks and features in Web applications. You can download it at

Identity Developer Training Kit

The Identity Developer Training Kit contains a set of hands-on labs, documents, and references that will help you to learn how to take advantage of Microsoft's latest identity and access control developer's products and services. You can download it at

Blogs And Web Sites

Here are some blogs and Web sites that may prove useful:

Microsoft Articles and White Papers

Here are some white papers and data sheets that may prove useful:

Architecture Journal Articles

Here are some journal articles that may prove useful: