Pool, Server, and Site Backup

Topic Last Modified: 2009-03-03

Pool and server backup is an ongoing process, based on the backup and restoration requirements established for your organization. This process requires understanding and fulfilling backup prerequisites, setting up locations for the storage of backed up data and settings, installing the required tools, and then actually backing up the data and settings. This can include setting up complete separate sites where servers are standing by to be brought online, in the event of the failure of a complete site.

You can use the worksheets in the Appendices: Backup and Restoration Worksheets section, along with the information in the following sections, to facilitate the documentation and maintenance of the required information for all backups. This information includes the frequency of backups, backup locations, and other details required by administrators to perform backup procedures and, in the event of loss of service, to recover service by restoring the appropriate servers, data, and settings. You can then use the detailed information and procedures to back up the data and settings required to restore service for specific servers or for an entire site.