Microsoft.Speech.Synthesis Namespace


Class Description
BookmarkReachedEventArgs Returns data from the BookmarkReached event.
FilePrompt Represents a prompt spoken from a file.
InstalledVoice Represents an installed Voice object.
Prompt Plays a prompt from text or from a PromptBuilder.
PromptBuilder Creates an empty Prompt object and provides methods for adding content.
PromptEventArgs Represents the base class for SpeechSynthesizer EventArgs classes.
PromptStyle Defines a style of prompting that consists of settings for emphasis, rate, and volume.
ProprietaryEngineEventArgs Returns data from a proprietary recognition engine event.
SpeakCompletedEventArgs Returns notification from the SpeechSynthesizer.SpeakCompleted event.
SpeakProgressEventArgs Returns data from the SpeechSynthesizer.SpeakProgress event.
SpeakStartedEventArgs Returns notification from the SpeechSynthesizer.SpeakStarted event.
SpeechSynthesizer Supports the production of speech and DTMF output.
StateChangedEventArgs Returns data from the SpeechSynthesizer.StateChanged event.
VoiceChangeEventArgs Returns data from the VoiceChange event.
VoiceInfo Represents a text-to-speech (TTS) voice.


Enumeration Description
PromptBreak Enumerates values for levels of prosodic boundaries (pausing) between words.
PromptEmphasis Enumerates values for the levels of speaking emphasis in prompts.
PromptRate Enumerates values for levels of speaking rate in prompts.
PromptVolume Enumerates values for levels of volume (loudness) in prompts.
SayAs Enumerates the data formats for the speaking of elements such as times, dates, and currency.
SynthesisMediaType Enumerates types of synthesis media.
SynthesisTextFormat Enumerates types of text input for the synthesizer.
SynthesizerState Enumerates values for the State of the synthesizer.
VoiceAge Defines the values for the age of synthesized voices.
VoiceGender Defines the values for the gender of synthesized voices.