Exchange Store WebDAV Protocol

Exchange Store WebDAV Protocol

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The RFC 2518 specification defines extensions to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol 1.1 (HTTP/1.1), which is defined in RFC 2616. The extensions include a new set of protocol methods and request headers used to move, copy, delete, and create collections of resources. Additionally, clients can set and get properties about resources along with the resource content itself.

The extensions relating to getting and setting properties require a rich format for data transfer. RFC 2518 defines the XML 1.0 as the format for wire data transfer. Additionally, a namespace in XML is required to provide scope for property names.

See Constructing WebDAV Requests with XMLDOM for an example using WebDAV and the XMLHTTP object.

The following sections contain methods and headers that are defined by the WebDAV protocol extensions to HTTP 1.1.

WebDAV Methods

WebDAV Headers

WebDAV XML Elements

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